My BADD 2009 Round-up


I went away for a few days right after posting my entry for Blogging Against Disablism Day, but I’m back now. My thanks to everyone who commented on, linked to, or just read my post.

I’m finally getting round to reading everyone else’s posts. Here are some of the entries that I liked, that made me laugh, or that made me think.

Lady Bracknell discusses fire evacuation plans in her office building and how they affect disabled employees.

Deb talks about the fine line between special needs and special treatment.

JaneB writes about being an academic with mental health issues.

Megan talks about her experiences with support for students with mental illnesses.

Jo Tamar draws a distinction between “making accommodations” and “achieving equality”.

Meowser writes about how society’s impossible standards create disabilities for many people.

Wheelchair Dancer talks about how to feel empathy, but not pity, for disabled people.

The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton has a post about sexual violence directed towards women with disAbilities.

Fleecy discusses communication in relationships where one partner is autistic.

Never That Easy writes about friendships and chronic illness.

Quick Sketch writes about being too disabled for a disability-based TV programme.

Kiri Amaya discusses how the needs of people with disabilities can be ignored by people who think they’re trying to help.

The Pickards talk about the difference between professing equality and actually doing something towards achieving it.

Astrid discusses the difficulty in distinguishing between symptoms of mental illness and the effects of living in an institution.

William Peace writes about learning to fight for disability rights.

Zan talks about how her disability has affected her life plans.

M writes about coming to terms with her depression in a family of people affected by mental illness and disability.

Melissa talks about her struggle to accept that her PTSD is a disability.

And The Goldfish herself discusses how, and what, people who are not disabled can learn from those that are.

These are just a few of my favourites. Around two hundred posts have been written for BADD09; go read them all.


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