Laura was born and spent most of her life in the UK, but she currently lives and works in rural Japan.

This site is mainly for her to write, though passers-by are welcome to read and comment if they so wish.

She is interested in matters including, but not limited to; international politics, languages, women’s rights, and pure mathematics. Some of these might come up in her writing.

She aims to update every day. Sometimes this may not happen. You know how it is.

She likes gin, preferably with tonic and a slice of lemon.


One Response to “About”

  1. 1 the_travelling_trini

    Hi there Laura,

    Did a search on Wakayama on wordpress and came across your blog, and wanted to just drop you a line. I am curious how you are liking life in Wakayama? And wondering which town you live in, if you say there are only 20,000 people? I ask because there is a strong chance I will move there next year because of the bf’s job, so I am trying to learn more about Wakayama. I’m heading to Wakayama next month to hike Koya-san and to also start checking out the area. Would be great to hear more about how you find life there and whether you are enjoying it. If you have a second, hope to hear from you, and will check out more on your blog.

    Ki o tsukette!

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