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If so, there’s a new Grow game! Warning: will suck away your morning. I love these things. They’re exactly what online flash games should be – easy to play and difficult to solve. This one only has five panels, but it still took me about half an hour. I got it on try 25; there’s […]

iTunes and I


By way of making the most of the 5091 tracks in my All Music playlist, here’s ten of them, with my opinions and the reasons they’re in my collection. Sort of a “Laura by Notes” sidebar, I suppose. Songs, in the best tradition of blog music lists, selected by the shuffle feature.

I like the idea of kids familiarising themselves with situations, especially potentially confusing or upsetting ones, through play. And Playmobil is a company which has a really wide selection of situational stuff ranging from police officers to hospital sets to safecracking (I want my potential kids to know about all eventualities). Not to mention all […]



On Tuesday morning, my car battery was completely flat. It’s an old car, passed down through a whole bunch of people who only owned it for a couple of years, so I imagine the battery isn’t in great condition. Monday was a public holiday and I didn’t drive anywhere. And the last week or so […]

Like buses!


You wait ages for a new Target Women, and then two show up at once.

I really have to stop watching Target Women in the office. Even though I’m tucked away in the corner and no-one really cares what I get up to, I still feel bad when the whole office can hear my snorts of laughter. (Linked because apparently I can’t embed videos in WordPress. Hmm.) via The F-Word

Under the lid


Today Feministing flagged up an ad campaign in Germany by a group called Pro M├Ądchen (“pro-girls”, roughly). They’re putting stickers on the underside of toilet lids saying Bulimie ist heilbar – “Bulimia is curable”.

Kawaii is Japanese for cute, or charming. The stereotypical Japanese young woman likes fluffy things and Disney characters (and fluffy Disney characters most of all), and likes to squeal “Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” when faced with any objects (or small animals, or children) that vaguely fit this description. There are of course women that veer in the direction […]



Let’s just call that a four-month tea-break, shall we? I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m bucking the trend this year. In 2009, I’m going to update Gin&Comment at least once a week. This has been brought to you by the Department of Setting The Bar So Low Even I Stand A Chance […]