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One today!


I’m ill. The doctor reckons it’s just a cold, but since this is Japan, he prescribed me no fewer than four different types of medicine. Advertisements

I went away for a few days right after posting my entry for Blogging Against Disablism Day, but I’m back now. My thanks to everyone who commented on, linked to, or just read my post. I’m finally getting round to reading everyone else’s posts. Here are some of the entries that I liked, that made […]

This post is my* contribution to Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009. I’m getting good at tuning out background noise in the Board of Education office, a task made easier by the fact that all the conversation is in Japanese and I’m not fluent enough to follow it all anyway. But occasionally words and phrases come […]

Derailing for Dummies. Anyone who spends more than thirty seconds reading comment sections on websites that aren’t devoted entirely to white straight able-bodied cisgender males will be familiar with tactics like these. But it’s not just for the universally privileged. I consider myself part of some marginalised groups (for example, women), and I read a […]

It’s one of the distinctive calls of the pedant, usually accompanied by a tutting sound or aggrieved sigh. While most grammatical errors in normal spoken language are allowed to pass unchallenged, accidentally saying “less” where one should have used “fewer” will almost always provoke comment from others. Perhaps because it’s one of the few grammatical […]