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A friend of mine, R (who seems to have an endless supply of Cool Internet Stuff) linked to this picture on facebook. What colour are the spirals? Advertisements

Or at least, the arguments for and against gay marriage, displayed in flowchart-ish format by pfarley.

I take back everything bad I have ever said about American television news. Brilliant.

More Target Women fun, and this time Sarah Haskins is making fun of adverts that assume all women want fairytale lives with happy endings. She features (amongst others) two adverts from the California Milk Processor Board that, while they may not be the worst ever made, are certainly the most sexist ads I’ve seen in […]

I haven’t posted yet about Proposition 8 being upheld. It took me some time to get my head around my reaction to it. I’m not a US citizen nor an expert on constitutional law. So when smarter people than I tell me that there were some good reasons behind the proposition being upheld, I know […]