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One today!


I’m ill. The doctor reckons it’s just a cold, but since this is Japan, he prescribed me no fewer than four different types of medicine. Advertisements

It’s sobering to realise that I will never again be as fit as I was at the age of 15. Back then, I was training 12-14 hours a week (for a school sports team, no less – we worked hard), as well as walking a mile a day as part of my journey to school. […]

First, there was this advert from the US for a combination razor/bikini trimmer, the Schick Quattro Trimstyle for Women:

Under the lid


Today Feministing flagged up an ad campaign in Germany by a group called Pro M├Ądchen (“pro-girls”, roughly). They’re putting stickers on the underside of toilet lids saying Bulimie ist heilbar – “Bulimia is curable”.