Giving hate the finger


I haven’t posted yet about Proposition 8 being upheld. It took me some time to get my head around my reaction to it. I’m not a US citizen nor an expert on constitutional law. So when smarter people than I tell me that there were some good reasons behind the proposition being upheld, I know that they might be right.

But my gut feeling is still this. Laws should protect people. There should be laws to protect a small group of people (who aren’t hurting anyone) from a larger group of people who dislike them on spec. And upholding a proposition in which a majority voted specifically to remove rights from a minority is just wrong.

For any given individual, the worst-case-outcome of legalising gay marriage is this: nothing changes. That’s the worst thing that could happen. I don’t know how anyone, knowing that, could have voted in favour of Proposition 8. The fact that over half the voters did makes me sick to my stomach. This is the sort of situation that the checks on the system should prevent. The fact that the California Supreme Court upheld the proposition shows that we still have to fight for LBGTQ rights.

But Proposition 8 has acted as a wake-up call, not just in California but around the world. People will fight back. This is not over.

And for those that need cheering up, here (via Alas, a blog) is a video of a variety of people literally saying “Fuck You” (using Lily Allen’s song) to anti-gay bigots.

Mandolin said it better than I could have:

It’s beyond me how anyone can look at such joyful profusion, so much color and joy in the way they dress and act and exist, and see something threatening or disgusting.

I hope that Proposition 8 is the last time those people who see LBGTQ people as disgusting get their way.


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