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Gordon Brown would have welcomed headlines pointing out that yesterday’s results were a victory for the Labour government. David Cameron would have liked them to emphasise that the vote was won by pressure, promises and concessions on other issues to anyone who wanted them. I don’t think either of them wanted this. David Davis’s resignation […]

Except I can’t, because I already did. And I don’t believe the best way to solve problems is to abandon them, anyway. But there are days when I really, truly, wonder what the country is going to look like when I go back in a year or two. The bill to increase pre-charge detention limits […]

On the Times website this week, Sarah Vine advances the theory that in order to become a successful politician, one needs a wife. Not in so many words, of course. But she might as well. The subheading of her article reads: You can tell a lot about a politician by which of the two types […]

Obama has finally clinched it. Over the past few weeks, commentators have been saying that the Democratic nomination is his. But it would have been foolish for him to announce himself as candidate then, when there were still delegates in play. But today’s primary results (a win for Obama in Montana and Clinton in South […]

A survey conducted by the Leaders in London International Leadership Summit of one thousand business leaders recently said that Tony Blair is the most powerful man in the country. Or the most powerful person in the country. Or the most influential man. Or the most influential person. It’s really not clear from any of the […]

In the next couple of weeks, the House of Commons will vote on the Counter-Terrorism Bill. One of the Bill’s key points is the proposal to extend the period during which suspects can be held before they are charged from 28 days (the current limit) to 42 days. What does this actually mean? The figure […]

One can almost feel sorry for Gordon Brown. He waited ten years to be Prime Minister, but his first year in power has been dogged by bad decisions, bad publicity, and bad elections results. Today the Guardian reports that key Labour figures are murmuring that he needs to go. None will yet identify themselves, but […]