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Previously: Chapter One Anthony Trollope Good-good-good-good evening! When I was in year seven, I had an English teacher named Mrs K, whose favourite word was “incidentally”. We used to keep tallies on how many times she would say it during one thirty-five minute lesson. I think the record was seventeen. We studied books deemed suitable […]

When I was a teenager, continously in search of new reading matter, I worked my way through most of Robert Goddard’s books. I liked the plot twists, and the fact that I could read them in a few bus rides. One day, I had read almost the whole way through one of his novels (I […]

Previously: Prologue Vladimir Nabokov Hello, little girl.. Of course I’d heard of Nabokov before this, and of course I’d heard of Lolita, his most famous and most notorious work. But I had not read it, nor seen the films, so I knew only the barest outline of the plot. It’s a book about a man […]

Authors in the UK are up in arms over proposals by publishers to label all children’s books with “age bands” from later this year. The proposals to label books as being suitable for ages 5+, 7+, 9+, 11+ and 13+/teen are causing a storm of objections from a vast number of people involved in children’s […]

“This book deals with epiphenomenalism, which has to do with consciousness as a mere accessory of physiological processes whose presence or absence… makes no difference… whatever are you doing?” I’ve always thought that The Divine Comedy are an under-rated band. Most people I know have either not heard of them, or heard only a few […]