One today!


I’m ill. The doctor reckons it’s just a cold, but since this is Japan, he prescribed me no fewer than four different types of medicine.

Cold medicine, Japanese style

Here’s three days’ worth of medicine. Two types of pills, two types of powders, one of each to be taken after every meal.

For me, having grown up in the UK with NHS doctors who would have told me to take a couple of painkillers and stay in bed for a few days, it seems a little overboard. But at least I don’t have H1N1. Hopefully.

I’m perfectly fine, as long as I don’t have to do anything taxing like stand up. So my plans to drive to Hyogo tonight for a football tournament this weekend have had to be cancelled. Hopefully the team (come on the Wanderers!) will do well without me. I’m not much good at footie anyway, but it would have been fun to play.

But being stuck in my flat for the last couple of days has resulted in a lot of poking around the internet, and the realisation that I made the first post here exactly a year ago. Happy first blogiversary!

This year I’ve clocked up 56 posts. That averages out to be more than my self-imposed goal of one a week. If you ignore those months in the summer where I posted nothing for weeks on end, that’s fairly respectable. Still, I aim to do better this year.

And I’ve also had 48 comments, which is about 47 more than I was expecting. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave comments, and to everyone who just read what I wrote. Though this was never (and still isn’t) meant to be more than a sounding board for my own thoughts, it’s good to know that people do read it occasionally. 1,576 pageviews is pretty small in the grand scheme of the internet, but it seems like a large number to me!

So, more posts. I’m setting myself a slightly harder challenge. For the next year, I’ll aim for five posts a month. That’s more than one a week.

First I have to fight off this cold, though.


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